Bringing Quality Health Care to Patients’ Homes

Judy and Jim Flickinger believe that everyone should receive quality health care.

Inspired by their longtime commitment to high-quality, home-based care and Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, Judy and Jim Flickinger recently made an estate gift to advance the practice of home-based medical care in their community. Their gift will benefit the HomeCare Physicians Endowment at Central DuPage Hospital and will help strengthen Northwestern Medicine’s commitment to reaching homebound individuals affected by illness, injury, surgery or other medical conditions before these challenges become too complex, risky and costly.

Since 1997, Thomas A. Cornwell, MD, and his colleagues have served patients throughout the western suburbs, in the comfort of the patients’ own homes, managing wide-ranging illnesses such as chronic heart failure, chronic lung disease and kidney disease. Since HomeCare Physicians was founded, Dr. Cornwell and his colleagues have made more than 100,000 house calls, providing patients with everything from primary care check-ups to diagnostic testing and end-of-life care. As a result, readmission rates, emergency room visits and healthcare costs have been greatly reduced.

By making this generous estate gift, the Flickingers hope to see HomeCare Physicians not only continue to offer its unique brand of service in their community, but also grow and become even more accessible as an organization.

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