Creating a Lasting Legacy of Generosity

Barbara and John Cizza are strong believers in the importance of both quality and equality in health care.

Inspired by their gratitude for the exceptional, personalized care that they have received at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Barbara and John Cizza decided that an unrestricted estate gift would be the perfect fit for them. The Cizzas’ gift will be directed toward areas of greatest need at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, as determined by hospital leadership, and will help to ensure that all patients receive the very same access to and quality of health care, regardless of financial challenges or other potential obstacles.

Having lived in Chicago on and off for 30 years, the Cizzas care deeply about their community and are strong believers in the importance of both quality and equality in health care. “One day, when we were waiting in the Emergency Department, we looked around and realized how fortunate we are in having health insurance,” explained Mr. Cizza. “We want to support the hospital and its ability to not turn people away.”

By making a generous commitment through their estate plan, the Cizzas hope to make positive differences in many lives for years to come. “Above all, we want the value and impact of our gift to be larger than the monetary value of our gift,” said Mr. Cizza. “We feel confident that our money will be used in the best way that it can be used.” The Cizzas are particularly appreciative of the personal interest and concern demonstrated in every conversation and interaction with the hospital’s physicians, nurses and staff. Through their philanthropy, the Cizzas want to say “thank you” and shine much-deserved light on the care and services that set Northwestern Memorial Hospital apart from so many other hospitals.

“We have had to come to Northwestern Memorial at all hours of the day and night,” remarked Mr. Cizza. “It means so much to be welcomed by people who recognize us — doctors, nurses, even the late-night security guard who has said, ‘Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Cizza, you’re back!’ That kind of personal attention and sincerity are very rare. None of us wants to be in a hospital if we can avoid it, so being surrounded by kind and caring people makes a big difference.”

Reflecting on his and Mrs. Cizza’s lives, wishes and plans, Mr. Cizza observed, “We are fortunate to have each other and a loving family, plus many interests and opportunities. Barbara and I know how lucky we are, and we want to give back.”

As the Cizzas look forward to all that the future holds, they welcome the chance to contribute to brighter, healthier futures for others. “We hope that our gift will allow other people to have the same opportunities and benefits we have experienced at Northwestern Memorial,” said Mr. Cizza. “If we can make a significant difference for even just one person, then we have done a good thing.”

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