A Journey Back to Health…and to Helping Others

After battling a serious illness in 2015, Sharon Goode was no longer the independent woman she had once been.

​The nurse of 57 years found her life narrowing in every way. Multiple stays in the hospital had taken a toll on her body, social life and spirit. She lost track of friends and became unable to get around on her own. Made possible through generous donor support, Northwestern Medicine’s Community Health Network (CHN) got Sharon back on her feet and back to what she values most: helping others.

During her last stay at Northwestern Medicine Valley West Hospital, Sharon learned about CHN and its association with St. John’s Church, and she signed up to receive CHN services. With the help of a CHN liaison, members receive support from volunteers who advocate for them personally, from transportation to household assistance and meals. When Sharon was released from the hospital and returned home, members of St. John’s were there to help, cleaning her home, driving her to and from surgery, offering prayers, and making sure she was ok.

Sharon said, “Having been the recipient of that kind of help with nothing expected in return made a huge impression on me. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t be here now without the Community Health Network and the ongoing prayers I received from the members of St. John’s Church.” So, when Sharon was feeling better and the CHN was looking for someone to help coordinate services, she was thrilled to get involved. Sharon is enthusiastic about spreading the word about the CHN so more people can benefit from the kindness of others.

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