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From migraines to hormone-influenced seizures to strokes, women’s neurological issues and conditions are highly specialized and unique. Teams of board-certified physicians at Northwestern Medicine have formed the Women’s Neurology Center to specifically address a variety of neurological complications and diseases unique to women throughout various stages of their lives.

By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of research and care in the realm of women’s neurology, you will help physicians and scientists at Northwestern Medicine to advance vital research studies and clinical trials, and to further enhance screening, diagnostic and treatment methods for women affected by neurological disorders.

The specialists at our Women’s Neurology Center recognize the significant role that hormones play in a woman’s neurological health as she moves through puberty, adulthood, and the phases of pre- and post-menopause. Aided by your generosity, scientists at Northwestern Medicine will be able to engage in additional, potentially groundbreaking research aimed at better understanding the effects of hormones on a woman’s brain and how best to treat certain neurological conditions in women.

To meet the neurological health needs of women as fully as possible, Northwestern Medicine is proud to offer specialized epilepsy programs that provide comprehensive screening, education and treatment services for women with epilepsy. The mission of these epilepsy programs is to prevent epileptic seizures and to provide patients with treatments that will help to maintain, and perhaps even improve, their quality of life. Sleep apnea, headaches and vascular dementia are but a few of the many other neurological conditions that Northwestern Medicine’s neurologists diagnose and treat in women. 

Women’s Neurology Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Your gift to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help to ensure that Northwestern Medicine remains on the leading edge of research and treatment in the field of women’s neurology. Through your generosity, you will help our scientists and physicians to make new and promising discoveries, and to provide even more effective treatments to women with neurological conditions. 

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