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Physicians at Northwestern Medicine understand that women have specific healthcare needs throughout the various stages of their lives. With the support of your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, Northwestern Medicine’s specialists in women’s health are able to provide routine medical care, family planning services and contraception, pre- and post-natal care, and pre- and post-menopausal care. Ongoing research and clinical trials, made possible by gifts to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, result in continuous advancements in prevention, diagnosis and treatment options for women with a range of health needs and concerns.

Prevention and education, along with wellness and nutrition counseling, are priorities at Northwestern Medicine. Offering expert care in maternal-fetal medicine, prenatal genetic testing and reproductive genetics, as well as many other specialty areas, our board-certified physicians are committed to meeting the individual healthcare needs of every woman who seeks care at Northwestern Medicine.

Breast care and breast health is a priority for women, and the specialists at Northwestern Medicine provide the finest, most advanced methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment to their patients with breast health-related concerns and needs. For women experiencing issues with pelvic health, the dedicated gynecologists and urogynecologists at Northwestern Medicine provide comprehensive clinical care. If a woman experiences issues related to  childbirth, has complications from surgery or is diagnosed with a congenital disorder, our physicians and other healthcare providers, such as specially trained nurses, are able to provide treatment and support. In addition, Northwestern Medicine offers an array of diagnostic and treatment options, in a warm and caring environment, to women who have been diagnosed with gynecological cancers.

Women’s Health Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of women’s health initiatives at Northwestern Medicine, you will help to ensure that every women who seeks care at Northwestern Medicine will benefit from the latest diagnostic and treatment approaches and will feel secure and supported on her personal healthcare journey.

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