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More than 5,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with vaginal cancer in 2019. Scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine are dedicated to reducing this number, and, with the support of your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, they will make further strides toward realizing their goal. 

The number one cause of vaginal cancer is viral infections that lead to the development of abnormal cells, which adhere to the vaginal wall. By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of vaginal cancer-related research and care at Northwestern Medicine, you will help to advance the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this challenging disease.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, as well as a mass or lump in the vagina and pain during intercourse, are symptoms that should be examined by a specialist. Signs that vaginal cancer is present, and might have begun to spread to the lymph nodes, include painful urination, constipation and pain in the pelvis, as well as back pain and swelling in the legs. Individuals experiencing any of these symptoms should make it a priority to be examined as soon as possible. 

Scientists at Northwestern Medicine continue to explore potential causes of vaginal cancer, but a definitive cause remains unknown. Notably, our scientists have succeeded in identifying risks factors that appear to be associated with contracting vaginal cancer. These factors include age (60 and older), a history of sexually transmitted diseases, a history of cervical cancer, vaginal adenosis and HIV or AIDS. If a woman has any of these risk factors, she will undergo a series of tests, so that our specialists can make a complete and accurate diagnosis. This assessment process includes obtaining a detailed medical history, a pelvic examination of the vagina, uterus, ovaries and bladder, a pap test and a full medical exam. A woman also might undergo a colonoscopy, and, in some cases, a biopsy of vaginal tissue or tumors might be necessary.

With the support of donations from generous people like you, specialists at Northwestern Medicine are able to offer myriad treatment options for vaginal cancer, including laser surgery, vaginectomy and trachelectomy, as well as local or wide excision, hysterectomy or lymphadenectomy. In addition, Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are often used to combat vaginal cancer. Hormone therapy is an additional treatment option.

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By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of care and research in the realm of vaginal cancer, you will contribute to the significant progress that will help to ensure that women with vaginal cancer will continue to benefit from the most advanced and most effective forms of treatment. 

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