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Northwestern Medicine Urogynecology is recognized around the world for their excellence in care for patients seeking treatment in pelvic floor disorders, childbirth injuries, complications from gynecologic surgery and congenital genitourinary disorders. Urogynecologists at Northwestern Medicine are fellowship-trained surgeons that are board-certified in Female Pelvic & Reconstructive Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Women with urogynecological conditions can receive comprehensive clinical care and minimally-invasive treatments to eliminate symptoms, and in some cases cure their disease. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will grant physicians the ability to advance research and develop treatments that will allow for ongoing superior medical care.  

There are three different programs underway in the area of urogynecology at Northwestern Medicine. Peripartum Evaluation and Assessment of the Pelvic Floor around Delivery Clinic (PEAPOD) is a unique program designed to help pregnant woman and new mothers who are experiencing pelvic floor symptoms. The goal of this program is for women to receive specialized healthcare sooner than their six week postpartum appointment. Early detection and treatment of pelvic floor disorders can prevent severe symptoms and allow mothers to care for their babies without the distraction of their disease.

The Transitional Urogynecology Clinic for Women with Congenital Anomalies works closely with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital to provide a nationally recognized program to care for young women with complex urogynecological congenital anomalies. As part of this program, urogynecology physicians collaborate with pediatric surgeons at Lurie to provide care plans for women who have undergone surgery for cloacal and bladder exstrophy and are transitioning to adulthood. A team of physicians work together to effectively evaluate each patient and provide reconstructive surgical care. By donating to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will help support this unique program by allowing physicians to develop and implement new surgical techniques and procedures aimed at excellent patient outcomes.

Urogynecology Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Millions of women suffer from pelvic floor disorders. Innovative Clinical and Translational Research Programs at Northwestern Medicine are fundamental in improving clinical care and outcomes for this staggering population of women. At Northwestern Medicine, research studies are currently being conducted in urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence and maternal pelvic floor outcomes after childbirth. You can be a part of this exciting stage of urogynecological research with your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation.

Many women live with the painful and embarrassing symptoms of urogynecology disorders. You can bring relief to these women through your financial support to Northwestern Memorial Foundation.

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