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The thyroid is located behind the Adam’s apple in the throat and plays a key role in regulating metabolism and hormone balance. When tumors form in the thyroid, they can be either benign or cancerous. Alarmingly, the incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing, and, in 2019, more than 50,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with the disease. In addition to being the fifth most diagnosed cancer in women, thyroid cancer disproportionately affects individuals between the ages of 20 and 34. Certain hereditary conditions also can increase a person’s risk of developing thyroid cancer.

By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will help scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine to continue to advance diagnostic and treatment methods for thyroid tumors.

Radiation treatments in the head, neck or throat can trigger thyroid tumors, which are typically located in the nodules of the thyroid. Symptoms of thyroid cancer often mimic symptoms of other less harmful conditions. Notable symptoms include hoarseness or difficulty speaking, breathing issues, trouble swallowing and a persistent cough. Certain risk factors for thyroid cancer can be controlled through lifestyle changes, such as increasing iodine in the diet and avoiding  radiation exposure.

Using a variety of methods, specialists Northwestern Medicine are able to identify the presence of thyroid tumors and to determine whether or not these tumors are cancerous. Diagnostic tests typically include blood tests, thyroid scans, ultrasounds and biopsies of thyroid tissue. Your generous contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help to ensures that Northwestern Medicine’s physicians continue to have the best available diagnostic technology.

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Your gift to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will enable Northwestern Medicine to remain at the forefront of groundbreaking research into, as well as exceptional treatment for, thyroid tumors. Through your generosity, you will help to facilitate important strides that will benefit a great many people affected by both benign and malignant thyroid tumors. 

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