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Substance abuse is a highly complex, chronic disease that requires intensive treatment and ongoing support. When a person is in the throes of an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs, he or she is a experiences changes in the brain and becomes incapable of resisting urges to return to the high or sensation induced by drugs or alcohol.

At Northwestern Medicine, care providers from a variety of fields–internal medicine, psychiatry, psychology, neurology, social work and more–are dedicated to providing the most complete and most effective treatment to every patient who seeks care for a substance abuse disorder. Equally important, vital research is underway at Northwestern Medicine, as scientists continue to unlock some of the remaining mysteries underlying the development and the manifestations of substance abuse disorder. Your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help these dedicated care providers and scientists to help even more people.

Long-term substance abuse can cause profound changes in the brain that result in impairments in:

  • Learning
  • Judgment
  • Decision making
  • Stress
  • Behavior

Bloodshot eyes, mood swings and erratic behavior are signs of drug abuse. Biology, genes, the environment and development during youth are influencing factors that can make some people more susceptible to drug and/or alcohol addiction than others. Once a patient has been diagnosed with substance abuse, it is a lifelong affliction. Behavior modification and situational awareness are key learning components of a successful substance abuse rehabilitation program. Individual counseling and group therapy also may be beneficial for patients. While substance abuse cannot be cured, it can be effectively treated and managed.

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Your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help Northwestern Medicine to remain on the leading edge of research and treatment in the realm of substance abuse disorders. Aided by your generosity, our specialists will continue to improve, and even save, a great many lives.

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