Donate to Sports Medicine (Rehabilitation) Research, Patient Care and Education

The sports medicine and rehabilitation centers at Northwestern Medicine perform assistance to patients with needs that range from sports physicals to rehabilitation therapy following a joint replacement. Board certified physicians and therapists are committed to treating acute injuries, as well as discovering and treating the source of the injury. Treating athletes and non-athletes, orthopedists on the medical staff are equipped to address a myriad of injuries, sports ailments and cases of surgical rehabilitation. Thanks to your generous donations, Northwestern Medicine’s facilities, located throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area, are able to advance research and clinical trials aimed at providing prevention, screening, diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from sports injuries and in need of rehabilitation.

We are equipped to treat a host of issues, including:

  • Special populations exercise guidance (foot drop, partial amputation, etc.)
  • Chronic, acute and overuse injuries
  • Work and running injuries
  • Entrapment neuropathies
  • Fatigue in athletes
  • Exercise with chronic disease
  • General sports injuries

Following wellness and injury assessments, our specialized team is able to tailor custom rehabilitation programs designed to ensure patients regain maximum mobility and quality of life. From tendonitis to arm and elbow injuries, clinics are located throughout the Chicago area to make accessing services as easy as possible. In-home rehabilitation is also available.

Sports Medicine (Rehabilitation) Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

From same-day appointments to a host of educational resources, Northwestern Medicine’s sports injury and rehabilitation specialists are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care. Please consider making a gift to Northwestern Medicine to advance clinical trials and research aimed at increasing educational resources, screening, diagnostic and treatment options for those afflicted with sports injuries or in need of rehabilitation.

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