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Bleeding disorders are the result of abnormal clotting factors in the body. Clotting factors are comprised of proteins that prevent excessive bleeding through the formation of clots. By donating to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will support the advancement of research that is needed to implement innovative treatments with the result of favorable patient outcomes.

Clotting factor abnormalities that could lead to a rare bleeding disorder include:

  • Factor I (fibrinogen)
  • Factor II (prothrombin)
  • Factor V (parahemophilia, Owren disease)
  • Factor VII (Alexander disease)
  • Factor X (Stuart-Prower disease)
  • Factor XI (hemophilia C)
  • Factor XII (Hageman factor deficiency)
  • Factor XIII

Hematologists at Northwestern Medicine specialize in treating children with hemophilia. In children with hemophilia, excessive bleeding is caused by the lack of factor VIII and IV. Hemophilia is an inherited disease passed on through parents through the X chromosome. Symptoms indicating hemophilia in children include bruising, easy bleeding, bleeding into a joint, bleeding into the muscles and bleeding into the brain. Treatment of hemophilia depends on the severity of the disease, but generally includes blood transfusions and surgery or immobilization to control bleeding in the joints. Children with hemophilia may experience many limitations throughout their life. With your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, physicians will continue to make strides towards a cure for hemophilia so that children suffering may live life to the fullest.

Research is vital to the development of life-changing treatments for rare bleeding disorders.  Northwestern Medicine holds a shared commitment to scientific discovery through ongoing research in the area of hematology. At this time, scientists are conducting exciting research in the area of thrombotic and myeloproliferative disorders. Additionally, clinical trials are in progress in the areas of hemophilia/bleeding disorders, thrombotic diseases and myeloproliferative disorders. The continuation of groundbreaking research in these areas of study are only possible with your donations to Northwestern Memorial Foundation.

Rare Bleeding Disorders Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Life is different when living with a rare bleeding disorder. Normal tasks like going to the dentist, playing sports and receiving immunizations are all complicated due to the risk of excessive bleeding. People living with rare bleeding disorders also face the daily hazard of serious complications including long-term joint problems, infection and tumor-like enlargements of the muscle and bone. Your donations to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will make an immense difference in the quality of life of those suffering from rare bleeding disorders. Financial support will open up a world of possibilities in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. A gift to Northwestern Medicine will have far-reaching effects.

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