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Psoriatic arthritis is a form of inflammatory arthritis that causes joint inflammation and psoriasis, a skin and nail disease that produces red, scaly rashes and pitted nails. Psoriatic arthritis is similar to rheumatoid arthritis (RA), except that it affects fewer joints and does not produce RA antibodies. There are five different forms of psoriatic arthritis: 

  • Non-symmetrical arthritis of the joints in the arms and legs
  • Arthritis affecting the small joints in the fingers and toes
  • Symmetrical polyarthritis: Similar to rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthritis mutilans: Destroys and deforms joints
  • Psoriatic spondylitis: Arthritis of the sacroiliac space and the spine

At Northwestern Medicine, our expert rheumatologists are dedicated to improving the health and the quality of life of patients with psoriatic arthritis through advanced diagnostic testing and sophisticated treatments. With a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will play a significant role in providing the best medical care to people coping with the challenges of psoriatic arthritis. 

Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis vary from patient to patient, but most frequently encompass:

  • Deformed joints
  • Inflamed, swollen and painful joints, commonly in the fingers and toes
  • Red, scaly rashes and thick, pitted fingernails

Treatment for psoriatic arthritis depends on age, overall health, the severity of the condition, tolerance for medical procedures and therapies, and patient preference. When treating psoriatic arthritis, physicians aim to treat both joint inflammation and skin condition. Treatments currently used for psoriatic arthritis are:

  • Medication: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, immunosuppressive medications and corticosteroids are used to relieve symptoms
  • Calcium and Vitamin D: Slow bone deformation
  • Ultraviolet light treatment: Relieves symptoms of psoriasis
  • Splints
  • Exercise
  • Physical therapy: Improves muscle and joint functioning
  • Occupation therapy: Improves the ability to perform daily tasks
  • Surgery: May be required to repair or replace a damaged joint

Though there are many treatments available for psoriatic arthritis, physicians at Northwestern Medicine envision new treatments that can positively change the lives of their patients. Further research is needed to learn more about this disease, and this important progress can be achieved with additional funding. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will make visions of these life-changing treatments a reality.

Psoriatic Arthritis Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Life with psoriatic arthritis is very challenging. People affected by this disease experience pain, extreme fatigue, stiffness and the discomfort of living with a visible skin condition.  Physicians and scientists at Northwestern Medicine are on a mission to ease the suffering that people with psoriatic arthritis must endure, and, with your support, they will achieve their goals. Additional research will facilitate the development of innovative therapies that will expand patients’ treatment options and will provide them with greater comfort and hope. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of psoriatic arthritis-related research and care will contribute to better health and brighter futures for many people.

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