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Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflamed, raised, red, and flakey patches of skin. The inflamed spots are most likely caused by a problem with the immune system where it produces a surfeit of quickly growing, quickly shedding skin in select areas. These areas are most commonly the knees, elbows, hands, feet, lower back, genitals, and nails.  While not everything is known about what causes psoriasis and there is no cure, your financial generosity to Northwestern Memorial Foundation provides much-needed funding to scientists dedicated to finding better treatments, and eventually a cure.

The most common type of psoriasis is called plaque (discoid) psoriasis causing areas of raised, red skin with silvery scales that flake off. The variants of psoriasis range from small, pink-red spots (guttate psoriasis) to uncomfortable pus-containing blisters (pustular psoriasis). The more serious forms that cause extreme itching and large swaths of peeling skin.

Persons living with psoriasis also live with the threat of developing psoriatic arthritis a more problematic condition that brings with it joint inflammation, stiffness, and pain.  Most people with the condition start showing symptoms between the ages of 15 and 35, or between 50 and 69. Living with psoriasis complicates benign conditions like sunburn, strep throat, respiratory infections, or even a cut or scratch; any of these can lead to a painful flare-up. Some psoriasis triggers are unavoidable; cold weather, stress, or certain medications can exacerbate symptoms. When you contribute to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you become an integral part of providing services to patients with psoriasis to ensure that complications can be managed effectively.

While psoriasis impacts both skin health and appearance, treatment and further understanding of the condition offer hope to those living with it. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation supports the Department of Dermatology, which is home to world-renowned specialists who take a multidisciplinary approach to treat psoriasis. Your generosity helps dermatologists and rheumatologists improve the quality of life every day for persons affected by the chronic condition.

Psoriasis Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will support the effort to find leading-edge forms of treatment for all skin conditions. With your help, scientists at Northwestern Medicine’s Department of Dermatology can pave the way for psoriasis patients to live with healthier skin and fewer complications. A donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation helps maintain and bolster the interdisciplinary approach that our dermatologists take, alongside surgeons and rheumatologists. Finding a cure and better treatments for psoriasis not only improves the self-image of many but improves patients overall general health, too. Your help can make life easier and more comfortable for those living with psoriasis.

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