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Prenatal care encompasses routine check-ups, as well as essential medical care, from a physician (and/or a nurse or a midwife) during a woman’s pregnancy, and plays a vital role in the health of an expectant mother and her developing baby. As a woman builds trust with, and receives care and support from, her healthcare providers throughout her pregnancy, she is able to ask questions, to gain information and confidence, and to prepare as fully as possible for the arrival of her baby.

The specialists in obstetrics-gynecology at Northwestern Medicine provide the highest quality of prenatal care to pregnant women. With the support of your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, these expert physicians will be able to further advance their knowledge as well as their treatment approaches, and this progress will profoundly benefit countless women.

At Northwestern Medicine, the most comprehensive, most personalized care is provided to women who are pregnant, as well as to those who are considering becoming pregnant. Prior to a woman’s pregnancy, our dedicated OB/GYN physicians can provide a preconception exam to evaluate the woman’s overall health and to identify any potential risks or concerns. For a pregnant woman, our physicians provide an array of services, as well as consistent, exceptional medical care.

If an expectant mother has particular risk factors for a hereditary disorder, she will have access to leading-edge genetic counseling at Northwestern Medicine. Our genetic counselors are highly skilled in providing information–clearly and compassionately communicated–that can help a patient to better understand inherited disorders and to appreciate the risks and challenges that she might encounter. With your support, every aspect of Northwestern Medicine’s prenatal care and services will continue to thrive and to make positive differences in the lives of many women and families. 

Prenatal Care Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Northwestern Medicine emphasizes the importance of prenatal care, education and support, and our physicians are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of every woman who comes to them for care. By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of Northwestern Medicine’s OB/GYN physicians and their work, you will offer caring support to patients and care providers alike. Your generosity will make you a true advocate for this generation and the next.

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