Donate to Pediatric Psychiatry Research, Patient Care and Education

Northwestern Medicine provides a full range of pediatric psychiatry services related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. With the support of your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine will be able to further advance research studies and clinical trials aimed at developing new diagnostic and treatment programs for young people affected by a variety psychiatric disorders.

At Northwestern Medicine, teams of board-certified pediatric psychiatrists, pediatricians, behavioral therapists and highly trained nurses conduct full physical and psychological evaluations of young patients, in order to determine if they are affected by one or more of the  following condition:

  • Developmental disorders
  • Disorders of behavior and attention
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Mood and anxiety disorders
  • Gender identity disorders

This team of compassionate professionals at Northwestern Medicine provides guidance and support throughout the diagnostic process and works collaboratively with children and their families to navigate treatment programs and to access available educational and supportive resources. The primary goal of Northwestern Medicine’s pediatric psychiatrists is to improve the health, functioning and quality of life of every patient and his or her family.

Pediatric Psychiatry Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Please consider making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of research and treatment in the area of pediatric psychiatry at Northwestern Medicine. Through your generosity, you will offer a hand of help and hope to children and their families as they cope with the many challenges associated with psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders.

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