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The central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system make up the complex nervous system. Disorders of the neurological system impact the brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscles. Signals from the brain to the muscles as well as thoughts, feelings and emotions are controlled by the central nervous system. Disorders of these functions can be in the form of brain tumors, cerebrovascular disease, developmental delays, sickle cell disease and epilepsy–which are all particularly traumatic in children. Thanks to your generous donations, specialists at Northwestern Medicine continue to advance research and clinical trials aimed at identifying prevention, diagnostic and treatment options for children afflicted with neurological disorders.

Pediatric neurologists at Northwestern Medicine are equipped with the latest diagnostic techniques specifically designed for our youngest patients. Comprehensive examinations, imaging and scans as well as lab tests and sleep studies are performed to identify abnormalities in the brain and central nervous system. Special care is devoted to our youngest patients and their families as they undergo testing and diagnostics that can be especially disconcerting.

Treatment programs are designed with the age, general health and particular diagnosis by teams of pediatric neurologists accompanied by board-certified pediatric psychiatrists, physical therapists and child life specialists. The compassionate staff at Northwestern Medicine provide guidance and care for the young patient and his or her family throughout the treatment process.

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Please consider making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation to advance clinical trials and research aimed at developing leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options for children affected by pediatric neurological disorders.

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