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Pediatric nephrology deals specifically with the various types of kidney disease that affect children. These diseases are either chronic (meaning that a disease lasts for a long period of time and becomes progressively worse) or acute (meaning that a disease develops quickly and may last for only a short period of time). Regardless of the type or the cause of a child’s kidney disease, Northwestern Medicine’s specialists in pediatric nephrology are able to provide the finest, most comprehensive care. Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians who are board-certified in both pediatrics and pediatric nephrology, as well as registered nurses and child life specialists, all of whom work together to meet the needs of our youngest patients.

Your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will allow Northwestern Medicine to continue providing the highest quality of care to children affected by kidney disease.

Northwestern Medicine’s specialists in pediatric neurology are skilled in the treatment of a number of conditions, including nephrotic syndrome, hematuria and polycystic kidney disease. Treatment plans for these and other diseases might include dialysis in the hospital; hypertension monitoring at home, made possible by a telemonitoring system; and other services, including, notably, the services of our child life specialists, who help children and their families cope with illness and hospitalizations by addressing the importance of play.

The goals of child life specialists include:

  • Preparing children for medical tests, surgery and procedures by providing developmentally appropriate explanations 
  • Helping patients to manage pain through relaxation, imagery, music and meditative breathing techniques
  • Providing opportunities to explore self-expression through art
  • Incorporating technology for distraction, entertainment and educational purposes
  • Assisting a family whose child has a terminal illnesses by providing compassionate, personalized counseling and other supportive services

Pediatric Nephrology Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of pediatric nephrology care and research at Northwestern Medicine, you will play an integral role in the continued development of effective therapies and supportive services for children affected by kidney disease. Your generosity will help to ensure that Northwestern Medicine continues to be a beacon of exceptional, compassionate care for children and families confronting the many challenges of kidney disease. With your gift, you will make a difference for so many people. 

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