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The medical staff at Northwestern Medicine understands how essential it is to care for your newborn properly. Parents, new or experienced, often need the advice of a medical professional to keep their infant healthy and out of harm’s way. Contributing to Northwestern Memorial Foundation helps Northwestern Medicine provide the resources to care for and protect your family’s newest member.

Our pediatricians are some of the nation’s leading experts in infant care. If you are concerned about something you observe in your baby, Northwestern Medicine staff can help you determine whether or not your baby requires medical attention. Sometimes, babies can exhibit unusual sleep patterns, stool quality or gas, pacifier use, or reflexes; professionals on the medical staff can evaluate your infant’s health and resolve the worries that are so common in parenthood.

A donation to Northwestern Medicine helps us expand our resources for new parents. We are committed to providing expertise to parents and addressing any potential issues associated with maintaining the health of your newborn.

At Northwestern Medicine, we believe that immunization is the cornerstone of newborn (and childhood) health. Our medical staff follows the CDC’s guidelines for proper immunization. We feel strongly that keeping your child up to date with its immunization gives your child the opportunity it deserves to grow up illness-free. We offer:

  • DTaP/Tdap: a vaccine that protects your newborn from diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus; given at the age of 2 months
  • Tdap: a booster for diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis; administered at age 10
  • MMR: prevents measles, mumps and rubella; given at age 12 months
  • HiB: prevents childhood influenza infections. These infections can cause fatal illness. What’s more, many Pre-K schools require proof of this vaccination before allowing your child to enroll.
  • Many more vaccines that ensure the robust, long-term health of your child

Northwestern Medicine is also home to a Pediatric Feeding Clinic, specializing in resolving newborns’ feeding disorders. At the Feeding Clinic, a variety of experts in the field of infant care provide an individualized care plan to you and your newborn, treating the specific feeding issue at hand. Your contribution to Northwestern Medicine maintains the high quality of care at our Feeding Clinic provides, allowing your infant to stay nourished and healthy.

Our pediatricians are also equipped with all the necessary information to keep your newborn out of safe from the various threats that are posed in infancy. Northwestern Medicine has built numerous resources to acquaint you with the best parenting practices like how to babyproof your home, keep your infant safe from infection, manage its temperature, and all other safety measures.

Pediatric Newborn and Infant Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Northwestern Memorial Foundation funds programs available for parents allowing for breakthrough research in pediatrics. This benefits newborns and their parents worldwide. Our scientists are working to further medical knowledge of pediatrics to protect the coming generations. Your financial support of Northwestern Memorial Foundation allows us to continue our effort to protect your newest family members. Make a donation today.

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