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From offering well-baby check-ups to providing treatments for pediatric cancer and blood diseases, the board-certified specialists at Northwestern Medicine deliver a broad array of exceptional healthcare services to babies and children in the greater Chicago area. Health education is at the forefront of Northwestern Medicine’s commitment to providing optimum health care to our youngest population, and your generous gift to Northwestern Memorial Foundation allows physicians on staff to continue and expand on that commitment.

From camps for special needs children living with acute illnesses to pediatric allergy and immunology specialists, Northwestern Medicine is able to provide a full range of treatment options in addition to leading-edge diagnostic techniques in warm friendly environments designed for easing anxieties of children and their families. Families in the greater Chicago area can also take comfort in knowing a full-service pediatric emergency department is available for the inevitable accidents and traumas the youngest in our community endure. When you make a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you become an integral part of the continuation, and expansion of, these crucial services.

New families can rest easy knowing Northwestern Medicine is dedicated to providing a range of board-certified specialists for newborn and infant care. From routine care to acute illnesses, these specialists have the latest equipment and access to the newest treatment methods to ensure your child receives the best available care.  Once again, when you give to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you are ensuring that our physicians on staff continue to have access to the most advanced medical technology available.

For those children and babies suffering from neurological disorders or cancer, the multidisciplinary team of pediatric neurologists and pediatric oncologists are committed to providing the latest in treatment options as well as establishing a team of specialists to support the entire family through what can be a very difficult journey.

Active teens and young athletes and their families can count on the pediatric sports medicine physicians to prevent, diagnose and treat sports injuries. Certified athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and registered nurses all team up to provide full care and treatment with the goal of getting youth and teens back in the game.

Pediatric Care Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

From child psychologists to pediatric wellness and weight management programs, the specialists at Northwestern Medicine, with your generous support, are able to provide outreach, education and access to a variety of services in a comforting environment for young patients and their families.

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