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Northwestern Medicine offers extensive experience and advanced diagnostics for evaluating and treating pediatric heart conditions such as congenital heart defects, cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) and acquired heart disease.

The highly trained medical professionals on the pediatric cardiology team are dedicated to providing care in a multidisciplinary team environment. The team features a pediatric cardiac electrophysiologist specializing in the care of children with heart rate and rhythm abnormalities, and a pediatric echocardiogram specialist. The pediatric cardiology team also includes:

  • Lurie Children’s specialists who are board-certified in pediatrics, cardiology and electrophysiology
  • Registered nurses
  • Echocardiography and ECG technicians
  • Child life specialists

A cardiologist who specializes in pediatrics, known as a pediatric cardiologist, has selected to work with kids who have circulatory and heart issues. Though they concentrate on the maintenance of children, pediatric cardiologists occasionally manage kids over several years and even into adulthood. Support and help for Northwestern Memorial Foundation can help give children with heart abnormalities hope for a brighter future.

Considering that the range of this area is extensive, pediatric cardiologists have lots of distinct responsibilities. If a physician has a query about a kid’s heart, they may refer the child to a pediatric cardiologist. Numerous heart conditions can impact children. Some are structural variations they are born with, others involve the entire circulatory system that regulates body functions. Pediatric cardiologists are specially trained to diagnose and handle all of the issues that can arise with a child’s heart.

The sorts of heart problems kids are exposed to can be quite different than those found in adults. For example, kids are more likely to be diagnosed with a heart defect they were born with, like a heart murmur that can lead to a heart attack. However, heart attacks in children are extremely rare. Pediatric cardiologists are specially trained to search for heart conditions that affect kids, and that’s why help and support to Northwestern Memorial Foundation are crucial. By giving today, you will be a part of the further development of leading-edge treatments and therapies for children with heart and blood vessel disease. Whether children are diagnosed with a genetic heart defect or a congenital defect from birth, these children can often require several surgeries over several years in order to treat their heart problem.

Since heart issues can sometimes be complicated and include different issues for children, pediatric cardiologists also frequently operate in teams together with other healthcare providers, and the multidisciplinary approach at Northwestern Medicine encompasses this value when it comes to treating patients. Every member of the multidisciplinary group of specialists in pediatric cardiology have extensive training and experience in the particular requirements of children with heart issues and are especially attuned to their unique needs; as each heart and patient can be quite different.

The team supported by your generosity to Northwestern Memorial Foundation includes a pediatric cardiac electrophysiologist; a pediatric echocardiogram specialist; specialists board-certified in pediatrics, cardiology, and electrophysiology; registered nurses, echocardiography technicians, and child life specialists. Each dollar donated can help children in need get the pediatric cardiology care they need and help these physicians further their research in pediatric cardiology diagnostic tests and treatments.

Pediatric Cardiology Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

The team of pediatric cardiologists at Northwestern Medicine specialize in heart rate and rhythm abnormalities. Tests like Echocardiogram (cardiac echo)—including fetal testing, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Holter monitoring, Medical imaging, Stress echocardiogram, and Telemedicine are all made possible with generous contributions to Northwestern Memorial Foundation. Your donations can help the compassionate team in the pediatric cardiology division of Northwestern Medicine provide patients the best heart and healthcare possible. You can start changing lives today with a gift to Northwestern Memorial Foundation one child at a time.

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