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More than 3 million people suffer from chronic pain every year in the United States, and the four most common types of chronic pain are back pain, headaches, joint pain, and nerve pain. Often defined as pain lasting more than 12 weeks, chronic pain can last months or even longer and can be debilitating for people who must cope with it. Chronic pain can arise as a result of an injury or can develop as a result of a condition such as diabetes or arthritis. Other causes of chronic pain that lasts 6 months or longer include conditions such as nerve damage, disc disease, severe burns, pelvic infections, scarring or, possibly, cancer.

People do not have to live, day in and day out, with chronic pain. Your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of chronic pain-related research and treatment at Northwestern Medicine will help to ease the burdens of discomfort and stress that affect the lives of people with chronic pain.    

There is no question that chronic pain can affect a person’s daily routine and lifestyle, as well as his or her mental and emotional health. Symptoms often include a dull ache, throbbing, burning, shooting, squeezing, stinging, soreness  and/or stiffness. When people are coping with chronic pain, they also might experience loss of appetite, weakness, the inability to sleep, mood swings and a lack of overall energy. Simply put, chronic pain can profoundly interfere with a person’s daily life, but your generosity will help to support individuals in need of pain management services who seek care at Northwestern Medicine.

Our pain management specialists work to identify and relieve the underlying causes of chronic pain, so patients can start to live  more fulfilling, comfortable lives. Each patient’s personalized treatment plan encompasses a variety of approaches to pain management. At Northwestern Medicine, patients are treated with the latest medical techniques and proven holistic therapies, and potentially might be able to participate in pain-related clinical studies. 

Pain Management Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Northwestern Medicine offers exceptional, innovative care to people living with chronic pain. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help to facilitate advancements in research and treatment that promise to benefit a great many people. Through your generosity, you will help to open the door to a pain-free life for those who have coped with debilitating pain for far too long. You will truly be a source of hope and support for others! 

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