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Sarcoidosis is a chronic inflammatory disease that can wreak havoc on a person’s body, particularly on the internal organs. While sarcoidosis is most often identified in the lungs or the lymph nodes,15 percent of cases affect the nervous system. This specific type of sarcoidosis is known as neurosarcoidosis, and it damages the brain and spinal cord. Scientists have been able to determine that neurosarcoidosis presents in people between the ages of 20 and 40, and tends to affect African-Americans or those of Swedish descent, yet the cause of the disease remains unknown.

Additional, leading-edge research aimed at discovering the cause of, as well as more effective treatments for, neurosarcoidosis is crucial. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will support the efforts of scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine who are working to discover more about this disease.

The symptoms of neurosarcoidosis vary widely and may affect any part of the body. A misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis is not uncommon, in part because both of these diseases damage the myelin coating around the nerve fibers. Scientists at Northwestern Medicine, however, have been able to isolate certain symptoms based on the area that neurosarcoidosis is affecting in the brain. For example, if the disease is attacking the cranial nerves, a patient may suffer from headaches, loss of hearing, hallucinations, speech difficulties, psychiatric issues, dementia or seizures. If it affects the peripheral nerves, an individual may experience tingling or numbness, limited range of motion in specific parts of the body, or muscle weakness.

If neurosarcoidosis is present in the pituitary gland, a person may endure extreme fatigue, changes in the menstrual cycle (in women), frequent urination, or extreme thirst. Regardless of where neurosarcoidosis strikes, Northwestern Medicine offers leading-edge, patient-centered care, and your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will ensure the continuation of this exceptionally high standard of care.

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At Northwestern Medicine, people affected by neurosarcoidosis can benefit from a variety of therapies, including immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive and pain management medications, as well as occupational and physical therapy. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will provide crucial support to the neurologists, physical therapists and other specialists who deliver this essential care, and will help to advance research designed to unlock the remaining mysteries of neurosarcoidosis.

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