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Every year, nearly 2,000 people are diagnosed with nasal and sinus cancer, which occurs when tumors begin to develop in the nasal and sinus cavities. As people age, their chances of developing nasal or sinus cancer increase; most people diagnosed with these forms of cancer are over the age of 55. With the support of your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine will be able to advance their leading-edge work in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus cancer.

Specialists at Northwestern Medicine have identified several different types of nasal and sinus tumors, including melanomas and sarcomas, as well as inverting papilloma and midline granulomas. Often, symptoms of nasal and sinus cancer mimic symptoms associated with allergies and chronic sinusitis. In many cases, people afflicted with sinus and nasal cancers experience severe headaches and brown nasal discharge. Additionally, nosebleeds, nasal blockages and growths on the face, the roof of the mouth or the eyes can be symptoms of nasal and sinus cancer. Other symptoms of nasal and sinus cancer include chronically blocked sinuses and severe pain or pressure in the ear. 

While scientists have not yet determined a precise cause of sinus and nasal cancer, they have identified some risk factors, which include infection of HPV, males older than 40, smoking and being exposed to certain industrial-strength chemicals. In order to develop a clear diagnosis, the specialists at Northwestern Medicine may use a variety of approaches, such as a full physical examination of a patient and review of his or her medical history, a thorough examination of the face, neck and nose, X-rays and nasoendoscopy or laryngoscopy and, potentially, biopsies of tissue.

If a person is diagnosed with nasal and sinus cancer, Northwestern Medicine’s multidisciplinary team of specialists–including oncologists, neurosurgeons, reconstructive surgeons and other healthcare professionals–works collaboratively to develop an individualized treatment plan. Among the state-of-the-art treatments that might be prescribed for a patient are neurosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, Gamma Knife radiosurgery and proton therapies.

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By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of nasal and sinus cancer-related research and care at Northwestern Medicine, you will offer significant support to scientists, physicians and patients alike. Through your generosity, you will help to fuel important progress that promises to bring hope and improved quality of life to many people affected by nasal and sinus cancer.

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