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Mucous membranes are soft tissues that line the inside of the mouth and the genital areas. Mucosal disorder can develop when these tissues become infected by yeast, bacteria or viruses. These mucous membranes function to cover the interior surfaces and protect organs from invasive debris and bacteria as well as to ensure that the membranes remain hydrated. Herpes, yeast infections and canker sores are all various types of mucosal disorders that can negatively impact the mucous membrane. By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will help specialists at Northwestern Medicine to further advance research and clinical trials aimed at developing preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to mucosal disorders.

Symptoms of mucosal disorders display differently depending on whether they stem from bacterial, yeast or viral infections. Vaginal yeast infections display symptoms that include itching, redness or burning of the affected genital area as well as a yellow or white mucus discharge. Oral yeast infections, also known as thrush, present symptoms of difficulty in swallowing, redness, cracks on the corners of the mouth as well as white patches on the tongue and also potentially the cheeks. Symptoms of herpes that has spread to the eyes can include redness, itching, burning, swollen lids, and sensitivity to bright lights.

Physicians at Northwestern Medicine are able to diagnose mucosal disorders resulting in bacteria, yeast or viral infections. Disorders of the mucous membrane can also be triggered by a weakened immune system, stress or extreme reactions to changes in diet. Pelvic exams, blood tests, scraping and endoscopies are used to diagnose mucosal disorders.  Treatments are designed to combat the specific organism causing the mucosal disorder; yeast, bacterial or viral. Topical and oral medications, as well as suppositories, are often prescribed.

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