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Melanoma is a skin cancer that emerges as a tumor mass. These tumors can appear anywhere on the body, but most frequently emerge on the back or legs. They often surface next to an existing mole. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 100,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma each year— and the numbers are rising. The average age for diagnosis is 63, yet cases are diagnosed each year in younger men and women. Caucasians are at a higher risk than African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. Your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine to continue to improve detection and treatment methods for melanoma.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, but, unfortunately, it often gets the least amount of preventive care. Symptoms of melanoma can present in moles that become painful and change in size, color or texture. Scientists have developed a skin guide to help better understand and identify moles that may indicate signs of melanoma. This is referred to as the ABCDE guide:

Asymmetrical shape

Borders that are not smooth

Colors that have changed or are uneven

Diameter that is larger than ¼ inch

Evolving in size or color

Any one of these signs indicates that an appointment with a dermatologist is necessary. The physicians at Northwestern Medicine are skilled at diagnosing and treating melanoma, and, by making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will provide generous support to care providers and patients alike.

While research has yet to uncover the exact cause of melanoma, certain risk factors have been identified. These include age, gender, extreme sun exposure, tanning bed use,  multiple or abnormal moles, light hair and light skin, and a personal or family history of melanoma. Skin examinations and biopsies of the suspected area are the first steps specialists undertake in diagnosing melanomas.

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Donations to Northwestern Memorial Foundation have enabled scientists at Northwestern Medicine to develop new detection techniques and treatment methods for melanoma. With your support, these advancements will continue, and Northwestern Medicine will earn further distinction as a leading site for the treatment of melanoma. Your generosity truly will help to save lives.

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