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Over 30,000 adults in the United States contract Lyme disease each year. While easily treated with antibiotics, many cases go undetected. When not treated, Lyme disease can cause major health problems. Lyme disease is carried by a deer tick and is most often found in the heavily forested areas of the northwest. Prevalent in the suburbs as well, medical professionals caution that signs of tick bites in both children and adults should be watched for after any amount of time spent in a wooded area. Thanks to your generous donations, board-certified specialists at Northwestern Medicine continue to advance research and clinical trials aimed at uncovering new screening, diagnostic and treatment methods for those suffering from Lyme disease.

Often confused with flea bites or rashes from poison ivy, symptoms of tick bites often do not present for up to 30 days. Because of this, those bitten often don’t make the association with the potential for the symptoms to be caused by a tick bite. In addition to rashes, tick bites can cause lack of energy, headaches, fevers and chills as well as muscle or joint pain. The symptoms tend to mimic those of a flu virus. Left untreated, serious complications including nerve pain, eye inflammation, heart palpitations and meningitis can develop. Should your symptoms be severe enough to require medical attention, be sure to alert your doctor if you have spent time in wooded areas. Check your body for any signs of a tick bite.

Basic caution when outdoors can help prevent tick bites and the health risks of contracting Lyme disease. Wearing long sleeve clothing, avoiding areas with tall grasses and fully checking your body (and pets’) when returning indoors can go a long way to avoiding tick bites. If symptoms do present, physicians at Northwestern Medicine are able to make a diagnosis of Lyme disease with results of specific blood tests. Caught in the early stages, antibiotics are often sufficient to thwart the virus and allow for a full recovery.

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Please consider donating to Northwestern Memorial Foundation to help advance research and clinical trials to develop additional screening and diagnostic methods? Left untreated, patients suffering from Lyme disease complications can experience severe health consequences. Your donation will serve to help alleviate these complications.

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