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Lung cancer is the leading cause of death for both men and women. In 2019, approximately one in 16 people in the United States will be diagnosed with lung cancer–a total of nearly 250,000 people. There are two main types of lung cancer: (1) small cell lung cancer, which is diagnosed in approximately 10-15 percent of all cases of lung cancer and (2) non-small cell lung cancer, which is diagnosed in about 80-85 percent of lung cancer cases. Thanks to generous donations such as yours, scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine are continuing to advance research and treatment in the area of lung cancer.

Certain factors appear to elevate a person’s risk of developing lung cancer. These factors include smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke or asbestos and a family history of lung cancer. Many changes can occur in an individual’s body with the presence of cancerous cells in the lungs. Symptoms of lung cancer typically include fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain and loss of appetite, as well as coughing up blood, weight loss and hoarseness. While these symptoms do not definitively point to a lung cancer diagnosis, they certainly need to be evaluated by a physician. A person affected by some or many of these symptoms should seek an appointment with his por her doctor as soon as possible.

Northwestern Medicine possesses the latest medical technology available to diagnose lung cancer, including PET scans, MRIs and CT scans, as well as bone scans and biopsies. Your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will ensure that physicians on staff will continue to have access to the best medical technology available to detect lung cancer.

Many different factors determine the treatment approach for an individual’s lung cancer. These factors include the person’s age and gender, as well as the stage of the lung cancer. Treatment plans may include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, as well as targeted therapies and immunotherapy. Various form of treatment produce challenging physical side effects for many patients. In addition, the treatment process can take an emotional, psychological and financial toll on individuals. who only physical, but also emotional, social and financial.  Our multidisciplinary team of specialists aims to treat patients as a whole, providing assistance for the plethora of challenges that patients with lung cancer face.

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With help from generous donations such as yours to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, physicians on staff will continue to provide individualized treatment plans for each patient to provide the highest quality of care. Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will enable our specialists and physicians on staff to continue to provide excellence in detection and treatment.

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