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Hyperthyroidism is the result of the overproduction of the hormone thyroxine in the thyroid gland. Increased production of thyroxine can result in overactivity of the body’s metabolism. An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, yet only about 60 percent are aware of their condition. Types of hyperthyroidism include Graves Disease, toxic nodular goiter and thyroiditis. If left untreated, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism become increasingly severe and even fatal. By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will help specialists at Northwestern Medicine continue to accelerate vital research that aims to develop preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for those suffering from hyperthyroidism.

Individuals experiencing the following symptoms might be affected by hyperthyroidism and should undergo a full medical examination and diagnostic process:

  • Unexpected and unintentional weight loss without a change in diet
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat or pounding of the heart
  • Nervousness, sweating or anxiety
  • Changes in bowel movement patterns and frequency
  • Fatigue, muscle weakness and difficulty sleeping
  • Skin thinning and fine, brittle hair

Specialists at Northwestern Medicine are equipped with the diagnostic tools needed to address the symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism. Physicians use hormone testing, blood testing, thyroid ultrasounds, thyroid scans and other diagnostic tests to determine the severity and progression of symptoms in each patient.

Treatments for hyperthyroidism may include:

  • Radioactive iodine, to shrink the thyroid and lessen production of thyroid hormones
  • Anti-thyroid medications and beta blockers
  • Surgical removal of the thyroid
  • Hormone supplements
  • Lifestyle changes, including relaxation techniques, dieting, increased exercise, smoking cessation and reduced alcohol consumption

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Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help to advance research, clinical trials and patient care for people affected by hyperthyroidism who seek treatment at Northwestern Medicine. Your generosity will make a profound difference in many lives.

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