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Hepatitis A is a viral infection that causes inflammation in the liver, making it difficult for the liver to fight off infection and to cleanse the blood of harmful materials. Those who are affected by this disease usually can recover with time and without significant intervention, but people who have liver disease or a weakened immune system have a much higher risk of liver failure if they contract hepatitis A.

Since a vaccine was developed in 1995, the chance of contracting hepatitis A is small, and only about 2,500 cases are reported each year in the United States. However, certain risk factors, such as traveling to areas without access to clean water, could increase a person’s chances of contracting hepatitis A. Additional risk factors include being a caregiver for someone with hepatitis A and engaging in sexual activity with someone who has the infection.

By donating to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of hepatitis A-related research and care, you will help the physicians and scientists within Northwestern Medicine’s Division of Infectious Disease to gain additional knowledge of the disease and to further enhance treatment approaches.

People who have hepatitis A typically begin to see symptoms about two to six weeks after exposure. Symptoms may last a few weeks or, in people with compromised immune systems, as long as six months. Some people may have no symptoms of the disease. Typically, however, individuals with hepatitis A experience some or many of the following symptoms:

  • Dark colored urine
  • Stool that is unusually light or gray colored
  • Feeling especially tired
  • Stomach problems such as nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain
  • Yellowish skin or itchy skin
  • Pain or achiness in joints
  • Body temperature over 100

For most people, hepatitis A can be treated at home by getting plenty of rest, drinking fluids and avoiding alcohol and certain medications. With time, the body fights off the infection. Those who have a weakened immune system, however, may need additional treatments to fight off the disease and to treat the symptoms of hepatitis A. 

Hepatitis A Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

By giving to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will lend crucial support to Northwestern Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases, which leads the way in conducting many pivotal research studies and clinical trials that will benefit individuals affected by hepatitis A. Through your generosity, you will touch the lives of many patients and those who care for them.

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