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When a person is making health- and lifestyle-related decisions and choices, it is essential that he or she have an excellent, reliable source of information, support and health care. Northwestern Medicine is a nationally recognized, trusted resource for health and wellness education and services. Across our health system, physicians, nurses and many other healthcare professionals fulfill Northwestern Medicine’s patient-centered mission and deliver exceptional care and information to patients with a wide variety of questions and needs.

By making a generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of health and wellness initiatives at Northwestern Medicine, you will help our dedicated healthcare professionals to continue to deliver the most comprehensive and most effective care and services to our patients.

Exercise, diet and mental health are three key components to preventing illnesses and disorders that might result from unhealthy lifestyle choices. Northwestern Medicine offers a host of workshops, support groups and other resources designed to help people make healthy lifestyle choices, so that they can take positive steps toward living a life of fulfillment. them fulfillment. 

Health and Wellness Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help to ensure that a broad spectrum of health and wellness programs will continue to thrive at Northwestern Medicine, and that a great many people will continue to benefit from the education and support that they receive from our dedicated physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists and other healthcare professionals. With your gift, you will make a positive difference in many lives.

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