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Gout is a condition in which crystal deposits at the joints cause inflammation and pain in the joints. The pain often happens suddenly and can be very severe, causing great impairment to the patient at any time of day. Gout affects people with hypertension, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia (or an excess of lipids in the blood). Your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help Northwestern’s medical staff aid patients with gout and help them restore their quality of life.

When untreated, gout makes every day a challenge. Symptoms like fever, chills and fatigue may keep people with gout from participating in activities they love. In addition, symptoms like discoloration around the joints and hard lumps of urate under the skin may occur. It is believed that gout stems from an excess of uric acid, meaning the body is producing too much of it or the kidneys are working properly to eliminate it. Luckily, scientists at Northwestern are understanding the causes of gout more and more, at the leading edge of research. Your financial support of Northwestern Memorial Foundation will allow people with gout to live without worrying about their symptoms.

Living with gout is taxing because normal, everyday things can trigger a painful gout attack. Eating foods high in protein or drinking alcohol or sugary drinks can cause an attack. Other things out of your control like being sick, stressed, or fatigued can lead to a flare-up. For this reason, lifestyle changes may be necessary to properly control and reduce the frequency of gout attacks. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to remove an especially large lump of urate. A contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help physicians on the medical staff give people with gout a life free of restriction and concern.

Our medical staff is committed to providing personalized treatment to patients with gout, optimizing their treatment plan for their specific needs. Northwestern medicine takes into account age, overall health, and medical history. There are different treatments for more severe gouts, as the different variations of the condition all require a nuanced plan for recovery. Patients of gout may have to take several anti-inflammatory and pain medications, along with some that regulate uric acid levels in the blood. Contributing to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will allow us to develop our options for treatment, making gout more manageable.

Northwestern Medicine is home to top rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons and physical rehabilitation specialists who have high levels of expertise in the prevention and treatment of gout. Your financial support is the backing that lets them continue their crucial work of caring for patients with gout.

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Supporting research and treatment of gout at Northwestern Medicine brings hope to the large community of people who suffer from gout. Countless people with gout can live a more fulfilling and worry-free life with your donation. Your generosity helps Northwestern Memorial Foundation pave the way towards breakthrough research at Northwestern Medicine and, hopefully making gout a problem of the past. Show your support for our initiative to eradicate gout today.

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