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Board-certified physicians at Northwestern Medicine are committed to effectively diagnosing, and providing comprehensive care for, complications and diseases affecting the urinary tract. Female urology is highly specialized and requires specialized training in the care of the kidneys, bladder and urethra. Women may seek expert treatment at Northwestern Medicine for a broad range of urological conditions, such as are prolapsed bladder, incontinence, urinary tract infections and interstitial cystitis.

With the support of your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, scientists Northwestern Medicine will continue to advance research and clinical trials aimed at developing additional screening, diagnostic and treatment methods for women suffering from urological complications and diseases.

Women can experience a variety of symptoms related to urological disorders, and, in order to make a correct diagnosis, specialists at Northwestern Medicine highly recommend a full medical examination for a women who is experiencing changes in urinary patterns, concerns about growths on her vagina, leakage, pain, changes in urine color or difficulty emptying her bladder. The earlier the cause of these symptoms is identified, the sooner treatment can begin and quality of life can be restored.

Physicians at Northwestern Medicine can provide an array of tests and screening methods, depending on the specific symptoms identified. Pressure flow and post-void studies, along with EMG testing anorectal manometry testing, are some of the tests that may be performed to arrive at a diagnosis. Full examinations, medical history and history of symptoms also are central to the development of a full and accurate diagnosis. Possible treatment options depend upon a woman’s specific diagnosis and may include surgery, physical therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Every patient affected by urological difficulties may be assured that, at Northwestern Medicine, she will receive the very finest care from highly trained specialists.

Female Urology Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will allow scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine to advance crucial research efforts and to enhance treatment approaches in the realm of female urology. You will play an important role in progress that will benefit a great many women of all ages. 

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