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Erectile dysfunction (or ED) is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a man has persistent problems maintaining an erection. ED hinders a man’s ability to have a fulfilling sex life and sometimes prevents him from engaging in sexual activity altogether. These challenges greatly impact  a man’s livelihood and satisfaction regarding his sex life.

Northwestern Medicine is dedicated to conducting leading-edge research into ED and to providing the finest, most effective treatments available to men affected by this condition. By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of ED-related research and treatment, you will provide essential to support to scientists, physicians and patients alike.

As many as 50 percent of men age 40 and older have experienced erectile dysfunction. It is important to note that ED can have implications that extend beyond a man’s sex life; the condition can be a symptom of a more serious cardiovascular illness that is impeding blood flow to the penis. For men affected by ED, the risk of a heart attack or a stroke increases by 50 percent. In fact, ED can be a harbinger of a heart attack and stroke. 

Erectile dysfunction can manifest in a number of ways, such as:

  • Inability to achieve an erection
  • Inability to sustain an erection long enough for intercourse
  • Unable to achieve desired hardness or size of an erection
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Decreased sex drive

The underlying causes of ED are many and varied. Circulatory problems (such as hardened arteries), diabetes and hormonal irregularities are among the conditions that can lead to ED. Prostate disease, penile scar tissue and type 2 diabetes also can lead to sexual dysfunction. Drinking and smoking in excess, as well as abusing drugs, can contribute to the development and the worsening of ED. Your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help physicians and scientists at Northwestern Medicine to gain additional insights into the causes and effects of ED, and to discover new treatments for the condition.

At Northwestern Medicine, a host of advanced diagnostic strategies are available to men who are experiencing symptoms of ED. These strategies include:

  • Color Doppler: a test that evaluates blood flow in the penis
  • Penile arteriography: dye is injected into the penis to analyze blood supply to the penis
  • Ultrasound: imaging using sound waves to see scarring or poor blood flow in the penis
  • Hormone testing: a gauge of the hormone levels that may impact erectile dysfunction
  • Biothesiometry: a test that determines nerve function in the penis
  • Hormone testing that gauges hormonal deficiencies that lead to sexual dysfunction

Northwestern Medicine’s highly trained urologists, surgeons and imaging technicians are dedicated to efficiently and effectively resolving ED, so that patients can experience greater happiness and fulfillment, and an enhanced quality of life.

Erectile Dysfunction Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will accelerate important research in the area of ED and will aid in the implementation of leading-edge treatments for the condition, such as vacuum pumps or penile implants that anatomically resolve the issue. By contributing to these initiatives at  Northwestern Medicine, you will be a part of new discoveries and solutions that will benefit many men and their partners. 

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