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Endocrine cancer is a condition in which malignant, or cancerous, tumors grow in parts of the body that secrete hormones. Endocrine cancer then affects the chemicals that regulate various organs and cells throughout the body. One such target is the islets of Langerhans, a cluster of specialized cells in the pancreas that produce a variety of hormones including insulin, which plays a part in the control of blood sugar levels. Endocrine cancer can disrupt this important function of the pancreas leading to symptoms similar to those of diabetes, which is characterized by a lack of insulin. Other endocrine cancers affect the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, and the regulation of air and blood flow. When endocrine tumors form, the tumors themselves can produce hormones, which can cause serious illnesses. When you make a contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will become an integral part of helping physicians on the medical staff detect and diagnose endocrine cancers early enough to provide the best outcome in terms of treatment.

Endocrine cancers, as a result of producing excess hormones, have symptoms that vary depending on the location in which the tumors form. In some cases, no symptoms will show, while others may resemble those of other conditions. Because endocrine cancers may develop in a wide range of areas within the body, the symptoms themselves are wide-ranging. Some of these may include anxiety and panic attacks, changes in bowel and bladder habits, confusion, depression, diarrhea, facial flushing, fatigue, fever headaches, intestinal bleeding, irritability, jaundice, nausea, nervousness, persistent pain in a specific area, sweating, a lump anywhere in the body, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, or vomiting. A diagnosis for any type of endocrine cancer may be extremely challenging and therefore demands an experienced physician.

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Your financial support of Northwestern Memorial Foundation will allow us to continue to keep expert physicians on staff that specialize in testing for, diagnosing, and treating endocrine cancers. In fact, Northwestern Medicine runs one of the leading cancer treatment programs nationwide. Our staff of experts and specialists are nationally recognized for their skill and knowledge, and your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation ensures that our multidisciplinary staff of specialists continues to have access to the best resources possible to treat patients with endocrine cancer.

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