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Diabetes is a chronic condition that disrupts the body’s ability to convert sugar (glucose) from food into energy. Insulin is the hormone that lets cells absorb glucose and provide the body with the energy it needs. Diabetes can stop the body’s production of insulin or prevent the body from using it properly. The different types of diabetes are:

  •   Pre-diabetes: high levels of blood glucose, but not enough to be diagnosed as diabetes
  •   Type 1 diabetes: presenting mostly in childhood or adolescence, the body no longer makes insulin
  •   Type 2 diabetes: the body develops high insulin resistance, where it no longer uses insulin properly
  •   Pediatric diabetes: type 1 or 2 diabetes that begins in early childhood
  •   Gestational diabetes: diabetes that begins during pregnancy

People living with diabetes experience mild symptoms like extreme thirst or hunger and fatigue. However, if a patient’s glucose levels get too high, they are at higher risk for heart disease, strokes, blindness, infections, and even loss of circulation that results in amputation. Living with this dire condition requires significant lifestyle changes and may require the patient to take numerous oral medications and inject insulin. Moreover, diabetes patients must frequently monitor their glucose levels, assuring that they does not get too high.  When you make a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you help the physicians on staff at Northwestern to continue providing imperative resources to those affected by diabetes.

Though a cure has not been found for diabetes, the investigation into the nature of the illness continues to bring relief to those who suffer from it.  Scientists at Northwestern are applying their expertise daily to reach a deeper understanding of diabetes and what we can do to prevent, treat, and cure it.  Your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation funds those programs. Northwestern’s Center for Diabetes and Metabolism leads the field of diabetes research with its diverse cadre of renowned scientists and clinicians. Interdisciplinary groups of scientists explore treatment options for diabetes by investigating:

  •    Diabetes Translational Research (DTR)
  •    Preventive treatment through nutritional, behavioral, and health communication methodology
  •    Genetic and molecular influence on diabetes

Diabetes Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will help transform and innovate diabetes care, not only in the Greater Chicago Area but throughout the world. By donating to the NMF, you give our distinguished teams of endocrinologists, nephrologists, gerontologists, and other public health experts the resources to continue conducting meaningful research on diabetes treatment and prevention. In addition, your financial support will aid Northwestern’s nationally recognized Center for the Advancement of Diabetes Translational Research, also known as NUCADRe. NUCADRe’s cutting edge research must lead to improvements in technological solutions for diabetes, as well as local and scalable implementation in DTR.

Your donation has far-reaching consequences that improve the lives of not only diabetes patients, but their friends and families. Improving diabetes care starts with your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation.

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