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The overwhelming majority of Americans spend the better part of their waking hours on site at their company’s location. Therefore, it is in the best interest of companies to provide their employees with access to important health care services, information and other resources. Northwestern Medicine is committed to providing the most advanced health- and wellness-related information and services to companies that are striving to develop effective wellness programs for their employees. With your donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will help to ensure that Northwestern Medicine continues to be a leader in the realm of corporate wellness programs.

Employees and employers alike benefit from a robust and well managed corporate wellness program. These programs often result in decreased absenteeism, more energetic and productive employees, a reduction in healthcare costs and premiums, and increased employee satisfaction and morale. The fundamentals of these corporate wellness services include access to resources on weight management, lunch and learn classes on nutrition conducted by registered dieticians, smoking cessation classes and a multitude of exercise programs appropriate for office hours and personal time.

Many chronic diseases are preventable. Educating employees on healthy lifestyle choices is the number one way to develop a strong immune system. Healthy eating, exercising and building strong relationships are all component of a strong corporate wellness program. The experts at Northwestern Medicine partner with local companies in the greater Chicago area to provide resources that are the hallmarks of successful corporate wellness programs.

The most effective corporate wellness understand that employees are already bombarded with information. Developing flexible and custom programs will ensure employees will take advantage of the programs and reap the rewards. From Lunch and Learn sessions, to custom apps that set goals and track progress, to departmental walking groups, Northwestern Medicine delivers an abundance of information and resources that can be customized for individual companies, based on the needs of the companies’ employees.

Corporate Wellness Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will help to advance Northwestern Medicine’s efforts to meet the specific needs of companies that are working to create thriving corporate wellness programs. Your generosity will directly contribute to the health and happiness of countless employees!

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