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Adults and teens experiencing lower back pain, neck pain and joint conditions will likely benefit from chiropractic medicine services at Northwestern Medicine. Chiropractic medicine is a hands on therapy aimed at correcting spinal column and central nervous system ailments. Chiropractic medicine at Northwestern Medicine is designed to treat both the causes and symptoms of chronic back and joint pain through manipulation and adjustments of the spine. Thanks to your generous donations, chiropractic specialists at Northwestern Medicine are advancing trials and research aimed at providing relief to those suffering from musculoskeletal pain and afflictions. Nearly four million adults in the United States will seek the services of a chiropractor in 2019.

Chiropractors at Northwestern Medicine are able to provide spinal manipulation and adjustment services for those experiencing symptoms related to:

  • Sports and work related injuries
  • Chronic and acute lower back pain
  • Pain stemming from arthritis and muscular injuries
  • Headaches and sciatica

A donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will support services in conveniently located facilities throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Chiropractors on the medical staff are committed to providing comprehensive diagnoses and developing treatment programs designed to relieve patients of chronic pain and restore their quality of life. Upon completing imaging tests, full physical exams and an analysis of medical history, our chiropractors can present treatment solutions which may well include one or a combination of the following:

  • Spinal manipulation and adjustment procedures
  • Targeted medications and supplements
  • Heat, ice and electrical stimulation
  • Guidance on relaxation techniques
  • General and rehabilitative exercise instruction
  • Resources for developing healthy diets, weight loss management and positive lifestyle changes

Treatment programs are developed based on the severity of symptoms, underlying causes and general health of the patients. Some treatment programs may last for weeks while others addressing more serious ailments may stretch over months.

Chiropractic Medicine Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Please consider making a gift to Northwestern Memorial Foundation to advance clinical trials and research aimed at developing additional treatment options for those suffering from musculoskeletal ailments.

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