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Women’s healthcare needs evolve as they mature and age.  Our team of specialists at Northwestern Medicine fully understand that change as women age, hormones, menopause and emotional health can have a huge impact on intercourse and sexual activity. With a commitment to delivering care, treatments and screenings with respect and compassion, we understand that not every woman is comfortable discussing these issues with their primary care physician.  Our experts in sexual health, physician assistants, psychotherapists and specialized nurses work in tandem with a myriad of specialists to fully meet both the challenges of menopause and its impact on sexual health. Thanks to your generous donations to the Northwestern Memorial Foundation, advances in screening methods and treatment options continue to be developed through clinical trials and research.

For women experiencing painful intercourse, decreased libido, anorgasmia or any myriad of sexual problems and disorders, very often our specialists are able to uncover medical or emotional problems that can be treated in one of the convenient facilities located throughout the greater Chicago area.

While hot flashes are often the most challenging symptom of menopause, the changes in hormone production can occur during and long after menopause symptoms dissipate.  From vaginal dryness to emotional ups and downs to weight gain, no two women endure the exact same side effects and challenges during menopause. Our board-certified specialists at Northwestern Medicine are able to tailor custom treatments based on the severity of your symptoms, age and overall health. From insomnia to bone health to vaginal atrophy and postmenopausal bleeding, our team collaborates with specialists throughout the Northwestern Medicine system to deliver the highest levels of care. Some patients are candidates for home replacement therapies and other women, in collaboration with their physician, will opt for alternative hormone replacement therapies.

Center For Sexual Medicine And Menopause Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

At Northwestern Medicine we are committed to providing leading-edge diagnostics, treatments and educational resources to women experiencing the symptoms and accompany sexual challenges that are brought on during menopause. Won’t you consider a gift to the Northwestern Memorial foundation to advance research and clinical trials aimed at delivering additional screening, diagnostic and treatment options?

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