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Blood clots develop when blood vessels are injured and constrict to reduce possible blood loss. Blood platelets adhere to the sides of the blood vessel walls and begin to form a clot, sometimes called a “plug.”  However, in people with a blood clotting disorder, this process does not function as it should. Rather, the blood does not clot properly, and necessary plugs do not form (as is the case with hemophilia), or the blood is prone to excessive clotting (as is the case with thrombophilia). Other types of blood clotting disorders, such as Factor V Leiden (an inherited condition), increase a person’s chances of developing blood clots in the lungs and the legs.

By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will help the scientists and physicians at Northwestern Medicine to advance vital research studies and clinical trials, and to develop improved methods of diagnosing and treating blood clotting disorders.

Hematologists, hematopathologists and other specialists at Northwestern Medicine are highly skilled in providing exceptional, comprehensive care for blood disorders. At the Northwestern University Center for Bleeding Disorders (CBD), a recognized regional leader in the field of blood disorders, teams of specialists from Northwestern Medicine diagnose and treat a variety of blood disorders, including clotting disorders.

Treatment approaches vary, depending on the type of clotting disorder that affects a person. For example, treatment for a person with Factor V Leiden typically involves blood thinning medication, in order to prevent harmful clots from forming in the lungs, legs and, potentially, other area of the body. Treatment for a person with hemophilia involves replacing a deficient factor in the blood through intravenous infusion, in order to promote necessary, healthy clotting. Aided by the support of your contribution to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, Northwestern Medicine will continue to be at the forefront of leading-edge care for blood clotting disorders and other blood conditions. 

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Your  donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation will provide significant support to care providers and patients alike at Northwestern Medicine as they confront the various challenges associated with blood clotting disorders. Through your generosity, you will help to advance the the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of blood clotting disorders, and you will make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of many people..

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