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Medical research has established that strong connections exist between mental and physical health. Individuals with well-balanced emotional states are more able to overcome physical and medical disorders and conditions. The board-certified psychologists and psychiatrists at Northwestern Medicine are committed to treating the whole patient (not simply specific symptoms), in order to help an individual to achieve optimal emotional and physical health.

By making a donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of behavioral medicine-related initiatives at Northwestern Medicine, you will help to advance vital research studies and treatment approaches. Through this progress, Northwestern Medicine will remain at the forefront of exceptional, compassionate care for an array of psychological and behavioral conditions and disorders. 

Working in partnership with a person seeking care for a behavioral health-related challenge, Northwestern Medicine’s psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and behavioral health specialists develop a customized treatment plan for the individual. Treatment plans may address a host of concerns and conditions, including: 

  • PTSD and unhealthy emotional reactions
  • Episodes of fear and panic
  • Ongoing pain and medical conditions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Extreme stress

Understanding that behavioral health is often influenced by relationships and family/social dynamics, Northwestern Medicine’s specialists in behavioral medicine are committed to helping patients identify, understand and address potential sources of, or contributing factors to, their challenges. Every member of our care team is dedicated to supporting and empowering every patient. Through many possible treatment modalities–such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, biofeedback and relaxation technique–patients are able to develop near-term and long-term strategies for maintaining well-balanced emotional and behavioral health. All care is delivered with the utmost compassion and respect. 

Behavioral Medicine Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

With your generous donation to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, you will offer crucial support to patients and care providers alike at Northwestern Medicine as they work to address and treat behavioral health issues. The power of your generosity is great and truly can be life-changing.

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