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In 2019, nearly 10 million adults, teens and children in the United States will require behavioral health services. Thanks to your generous donations to Northwestern Memorial Foundation, Northwestern Medicine is able to provide a host of individualized behavioral health services from substance abuse to addiction. Mental and emotional stability greatly affects quality of life and in severe cases can prohibit individuals from developing healthy relationships and habits. From complete diagnostic testing and individual consultations, teams of behavioral health specialists at Northwestern Medicine are able to design and deliver inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to assist individuals and their families towards recovery.

Northwestern Medicine has developed treatment programs designed for both adults and teens facing addiction and substance abuse challenges, as well as emotional and depression afflictions. Treatments are delivered in both group and individual settings. The primary goal of behavioral health services at Northwestern Medicine is to work with patients to identify the causes and treat the symptoms allowing patients to develop and maintain relationships, function in their livelihoods and return to a higher quality of life. Our board certified specialists are able to treat individuals diagnosed with depression, psychotic and anxiety disorders, addiction and abuse, sexual problems/disorders as well as behavioral health conditions and disorders specifically related to marriage, women and youth.

Our teams of highly specialized clinicians are committed to delivery compassionate and respectful care to all of our patients. Psychotherapy, emergency and crisis intervention, as well as psychological and cognitive rehabilitation therapies, are provided in welcoming, leading edge facilities located throughout the greater Chicago Metropolitan area. Supported by generous donations to the Northwestern Memorial Foundation, Northwestern Medicine is able to offer customized treatment and care programs based on our patient’s diagnosis. Comprehensive treatment options include, but are not limited to:

  • Group, couples and family therapy
  • Deep brain stimulation and suboxone therapy
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Long term, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and psychotherapy programs

Our highly specialized teams include geriatric psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists and psychologists. We understand the impact behavioral health disorders can have on families and loved ones. Our facilities provide educational information, resources and access to research and publications to help patients and family members understand treatment options and outcomes.

Behavioral Health Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

Please consider a donation to the Northwestern Memorial Foundation to advance research and clinical trials in behavioral health diagnostic and treatment options for those suffering from mental and emotional disorders.

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