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Well over fifty percent of Americans will endure back pain over the course of their lives. Gradual degeneration of spinal discs, sports injuries and nerve damage can all lead to varying degrees or intermittent or chronic back pain. Northwestern Medicine, thanks to your generous donations, has board certified teams of back and spine specialists committed to providing comprehensive care to treat the causes of your particular back pain and work to alleviate pain so you can regain movement and quality of life.

From burning in back nerves, stiffness and numbness to sharp pain, comprehensive examinations to identify the cause of the pain is the top priority of the medical staff at Northwestern Medicine. Risk factors for back pain include family history, bone and muscle strength, obesity and sedentary lifestyles. These are all contributing factors to back pain that can be severely disabling. Bone spurs and weakened vertebrae can also result in chronic back pain.

Our teams of spine specialists, skeletal specialists and pain management caregivers have a host of diagnostic tools to uncover the cause of your specific back pain. X-rays, Cat scans, MRIs, blood tests and bone density tests are all used to diagnose complications of the spine. There are a myriad of treatments available as an outpatient at Northwestern Medicine. Therapists, education resources and exercise physiologists develop comprehensive treatment programs that can include muscle strengthening exercises, anti-inflammatory medications as well as hot and cold packs are all options that may be prescribed to alleviate back pain.  Chronic back pain may require lengthy physical therapy, lifestyle changes in diet and exercise as well as nutritional counseling and stress management.

Back Pain Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

In severe cases, back surgery may be required to correct spinal lumbar structure. Please make a donation to Northwestern Medicine to advance research and clinical trials aimed at uncovering new treatment methods for those suffering from intense and chronic back pain that they may regain quality of life.

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