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More than half of adults, teens and children will be faced with back pain, injuries or disorders ranging from mild to sever, over the course of their lives. Our board certified spinal physicians at Northwestern Medicine understand that full movement and pain management greatly impact quality of life. Our back, neck and spine specialists work together with you and your primary care physician to deliver the highest quality of care using innovative and leading edge treatment methods. Thanks to your generous donations to the Northwestern Memorial Foundation, clinical trials and research continue to uncover new diagnostic and treatment options for those suffering from back, neck and spine disorders or injuries.

Teams of orthopedists, orthopaedic surgeons, highly trained nurses and physical therapists provide comprehensive treatments for for those enduring diseases of the spine, neck and back as well as those that have experienced debilitating injuries.  Northwestern Medicine is able to serve our patients for diagnostic appointments, physical therapy and more complex surgeries in warm and welcoming facilities located throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area.

Our teams of spine, neck and back specialists are equipped to provide treatment for a host of conditions including herniated disks, back and neck pain management, spinal stenosis as well as acute spinal fractures and spinal cord injuries. Patients can take comfort in knowing that we provide not only comprehensive diagnostic protocols, but are also committed to assisting patients throughout long recovery processes with physical therapy and pain management programs.

Our teams of specials work in concert to develop and deliver treatment programs tailored to each patient’s specific needs. From chemo and radiation therapy, lumbar fusion, and tumor treatments to vertebroplasty, we are committed to using the best available procedures and therapies to work towards restoring our patients’ maximum mobility and quality of life.

Back, Neck, and Spine Research, Patient Care and Education Donation

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