Gift Officers

Name Focus Areas Phone Number
Krista Berg Neurology 847.535.6939
Sarah Burke Corporate and Foundation Giving 312.926.4103
Arnaud Buttin Planned Giving 312.926.2505
Marleana Cross Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital 847.535.6933
Candy Daly Workplace Giving 630.933.6252
Debbie Edwards Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital 847.535.6975
James Higley Oncology 312.926.4216
Karen Hill Oncology 630.315.6808
Karen Kliebhan Oncology 312.926.5798
Clare Malysiak Pediatrics; Geriatrics; Regional Care Sites 630.933.5505
Lauren Mellen Cardiology 312.926.4020
Tracy Moenkhaus Annual Giving 312.926.0842
Stephanie Ours Cardiology; Transplant 312.926.7073
Kim Perri Regional Care Sites 815.766.7328
Leslie Post-Weissinger Neurology 312.926.0450
Tom Price Corporate and Foundation Relations 312.926.6014
Tricia Rooney Cardiology 312.926.0544
Emma Ross Corporate and Foundation Relations 312.694.1452
Carrie Schwarz Annual Giving 312.695.6130
Sarah Theriault Neurology 847.802.7084
Kristen Wuerl Corporate and Foundtion Relations 312.694.1465
Catherine Wierz Nursing; Emergency Department; Regional Care Sites 630.208.3892